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Contents Under Pressure (CUP) Art & Music festival is an annual San Antonio event that celebrates local bands, DJs, and street artists. Each year CUP includes a mural painting event, in which graffiti artists have two days to complete a piece inspired by the theme. Sponsored by The Paint Yard and Up Art Studio, the 2017 street art show featured over 35 artists, including Tex Moton.

The theme was “Ancient Civilizations,” which prompted Tex Moton & the Infinite Crew to create an old school hip hop tribute to Easter Island. The Chilean island is famous for the over 900 human figure statues, which were sculpted by its inhabitants between the 13th to 16th centuries. Tex’s piece combined ancient with modern, as these re-imagined Easter Island statues sport sunglasses, bucket hats, and chains. Most impressively, Tex & the Infinite Crew completed their mural in only one day, using half of the allotted time to create their masterpiece.

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