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Summer 2018 ushered in a new era for the Dallas Mavericks.  Recently appointed Mavs C.E.O. Cynthia Marshall entrusted Tex to liven up the walls of the brand new headquarters.  Vintage World War I camouflage inspired Tex’s approach to this project.  Using precise line work, he aimed for the pieces to have movement, while also being intentional and focused.  The designs are meant to capture attention, but also navigate a course through the space.  


Of the eight pieces within this project, the largest decorates the design department wall.  The Dallas lettering and skyline look as if they’ve been torn out of an old comic book, which connects people on a light-hearted level.  Keeping the focus on the city itself, Tex highlighted “Dallas” in a bold, cartoon-inspired font with the skyline floating above.  The style and design of this piece represent the future of the team and the city.

Mavs 1.jpg
Mavs 3.jpg
Mavs 2.jpg
Mavs 5.jpg
Mavs 6.jpg
Mavs 7.jpg
Mavs 9.jpg
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